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We are a top employer!

Compass Group Belgium acclaimed as Top Employer 2018 
From Top food service expert to Top employer

On Tuesday 6 February Compass Group Belgium will be presented with the Top Employer 2018 award, the only employer in its industry to be honoured in this way. The Top Employer Institute recognises companies around the globe that give their employees opportunities to grow and develop fully, both professionally and personally. Compass Group Belgium is a leader in food services, with 2000 employees, preparing 150,000 ready-made meals per year. The honour is a great reward for the company, which has a passion for food but also a passion for people.

Recognised as a fantastic employer
Every year the Top Employer Institute spotlights employers that excel in HR. One of those employers is Compass Group Belgium, the catering expert that prepares 150,000 meals annually for companies and government institutions (branded as Eurest), schools and universities (branded as Scolarest) and care centres (branded as Medirest). The group curried favour with the excellent conditions enjoyed by employees. Broader HR aspects were graded especially highly, including recruitment policy, work schedules, the reception of new employees, the many training and education opportunities, efficient management, the development of leadership, concern for career planning, remuneration and the pleasant corporate culture.

Creative, stimulating environment
Compass Group Belgium creates a positive, creative environment that encourages individuals to grow. Every year the group draws up a new training plan that appeals to every employee in the organisation. This may cover internal and external trainings, as well as online trainings, traineeships, coaching programmes, work placements, mentoring and personal training programmes.

The company also holds inspiring workshops, including a vegetarian kitchen master class, the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine and a number of cooking sessions with Lionel Rigolet, the chef at starred restaurant Comme chez Soi. The trainings and workshops encourage creativity as well as boosting employee wellbeing. Because the better they feel, the better the service they give to customers and the happier diners are. You can always taste passion. You can always taste passion.

The constant focus of Compass Group Belgium on growth and development is paying dividends. With no less than 18% of employees taking the step up to a position with more responsibilities in 2017. Furthermore, employee turnover fluctuates between 2% and 2.5%, a strikingly low figure for the industry. So Compass Group Belgium employees appear to share the positive opinion of the Top Employer Institute. 
Innovative food and knowledge partner
Tasty, healthy food prepared by skilled, passionate employees. That’s what drives Compass Group Belgium. The chefs select the choicest ingredients to prepare delicious meals for companies, schools and care centres, day after day. The focus is on organic, seasonal and craft products from local suppliers. The goal of the group is to be innovative and distinctive when it comes to the latest trends in food and drink. They combine the insights of trend watchers and nutritional experts with research results. The knowledge Compass Group Belgium acquires is deployed to satisfy the needs of the various sectors it serves as well as possible. That makes Compass Group Belgium a food partner and a knowledge partner. That expertise also creates an inspirational working environment that helps attract new people and retain existing talent.

The group also deploys technology and innovation to ensure maximum convenience for all. By investing in smart IT solutions, such as platforms and applications, it makes life much easier and less stressful for employees and customers. The technology also helps drive better communication, information and awareness.

Passion for food and people
Inspiring people and creating feel-good moments – that's the driving force of Compass Group Belgium. By blending the right ingredients, it creates environments that give people a sense of wellbeing. That philosophy is also applied to the group’s own people, who are encouraged to get the best out of themselves. The Top Employer title is confirmation of the winning approach and a stimulus to take more steps in the same direction.

About Compass Group Belgium
Tasty, healthy food from sustainable sources, prepared with passion and love. That is the essence of Compass Group Belgium. The Belgian food service expert is part of the international Compass Group, which is active in 50 countries. The group was formed in 1941 in the United Kingdom as Factory Canteens Ltd. In the intervening time Compass Group has grown into a big international player in food service. The group’s head office is located in Brussels, Belgium, but 2000 employees are ready to help customers throughout the country. Every year, they prepare 150,000 meals for diverse target groups. The group markets three brands. Eurest provides food services to the public and private sector, Scolarest to schools and universities, and Medirest to care centres. For more details see

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