Alain is an old hand at Compass Group, with over 29 years of experience under his belt.
As Director Operations, he is directly responsible for the operation of all our restaurants, and has been since September 2018. 

"To ensure the organisation of our restaurants and to satisfy our customers, our people must continually run at top level. And that's what we go for! We are only satisfied if our customers are too.  
Times are changing and today our people have to operate more commercially with food services than they used to. My role is to ensure that we follow the right strategy and that our people develop the necessary skills to meet that challenge. With the help of our HR department, we help them adopt a commercial attitude. 

In addition, as a foodservice company, we need a new mindset to compete with the external restaurant market. As an Operations Director, I try to find intelligent solutions to meet the needs of the new consumer. Surfing on existing trends is no longer enough. We anticipate and develop concepts that are both practical and creative. " 

Alain Crabs Operations Director Compass Group Belgium