Good food on offer 24/24 with our premium micro shop concept

The Workshop is the perfect solution for your company if you want to provide your staff with meal solutions outside of regular office hours, or if you don’t have the space to integrate a classic company restaurant at your location.

The Workshop is a micro shop concept that offers a wide range of foods and beverages. Our main focus is on offering fresh, healthy and high-quality products. The larger part of our fresh meals are home-made and hand-made in our own kitchens.

Our microshop is unstaffed, but of course we make sure the stocks are replenished daily with fresh products. 

The smart technology we developed makes checkout and payment a breeze.

    For whom?

    • Small(er) companies or co-working spaces that don’t have enough space or staff to integrate a classic company restaurant,
    • Companies with employees in a shift system, where meals are also taken outside of normal business hours,
    • Plants or factories that need a secondary meal solution because of the large distance between locations.

    Our first Workshop in action [video]

    The Workshop @ Velleman

    This is how it works!

    • Open 24/24
      The Workshop is never closed! Your employees will have round-the-clock access to a wide and tasty range of food and beverages.
      Once a day (on weekdays) we replenish our stocks with fresh products. 

    • Checkout
      Checkout is completely automated when your employee takes a product from one of the smart modules. For now, payment is handled via our own Click4Food app. Soon you will also be able to pay with a simple debit orcredit card.

    • Integration
      Thanks to our modular approach, we easily integrate The Workshop into your existing infrastructure. The standard version is already extremely flexible, but even when we mix the modules to your specific taste, the integration is seamless.
      All we need is electricity, water and a data connection.

    • Self-service
      Self-service is not a synonym for "no service." In addition to the daily supply of fresh products, we also ensure that the entire underlying system runs smoothly. From stock checks and reporting to cleaning and maintenance of the modules, HACCP audits and further development of the concept and our product range.

    Wonder what THIS would look like in your business?

    Get in touch and we'll be more than happy explain how The Workshop could help you!