Optimal purchasing, maximum unburdening

Ottimi helps you save on your (food) costs by centralising and streamlining procurement activities.

Moreover, it takes a lot of the tedious administration out of your hands that would otherwise take up time!

In short: Ottimi simplifies your life and maximises savings – what's not to like about that?


What is Ottimi?

Ottimi is basically a care tool that centralises and facilitates the purchasing process.

Using menu cycles linked to technical data sheets, products are ordered as optimally as possible at the best negotiated prices.

This helps maintain an overview of (food) costs and keep them under control.

Less administration = more quality on the plate.

Why Ottimi?

Simple: Ottimi provides the ultimate power boost for your purchases, reduces waste and increases patient, resident and customer satisfaction.

Prepare to see smiles everywhere from now on!

What we do

Purchasing Power

Menu cycles linked to recipe sheets with products at the best-negotiated prices.


Automation of orders based on the cheapest products.

Customer care

Easy complaint handling and follow-up.


Easy recording of inventory thanks to digital delivery notes.

Budget control

Perfect monitoring of the daily budget with numerous possible detailed analyses.


By centralising and simplifying the procurement process, we can better track the use of each product and ensure that nothing goes to waste. In this way, therefore, we also optimise your sustainability policy.

curious to see how ottimi can help your food operations?

Get in touch and we'll be more than happy showcase the power of ottimi!

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