How we cook

Our kitchen philosophy is simple. We use a maximum of healthy, nutritious ingredients for our recipes. Those recipes are created by our own chefs. Did you know we have about 300 different recipes for spaghetti sauce, each based on the preferences of the region, customer and chef? 
That tells you how passionate we are about the food we serve.

Our kitchen principles

Everyone at Compass – from the Managing Director to the youngest chef – has a sincere and driving passion for great food. That is our daily focus. 
Our people follow our kitchen principles to the letter to ensure we serve the best, healthiest and most tasty meals to our guests. Menus are planned with an eye on seasonal offerings. Where possible, we use a maximum of organic and healhty alternatives. 
Aside from that, we maintain the strictest standards of food hygiene and food safety, with non-negotiable guidelines for all staff and regular in-depth checks by internal and external inspectors. 

Our Food - Kitchen Principles - Food Thermometer

Our vision on food

For us, food simply has to be tasty, healty and nutritious! Our own Food Forum tests recipes and individual ingredients on a regular basis to ensure that level of quality. Our four dieticians make sure all the basic food needs are catered for in our recipes and that we ban as many unhealthy fats, sugars and salts as possible. We deliver a varied offering with attention to the wants and needs of our guests! 

A growing number of Compass sites also uses YouMeal, which allows us to give guests a complete view on the ingredients of any dish, but also on the nutritional values, allergens, etc. 

Our Food, tasters at work Food Forum


Do you want to hear more about our food and how we make everything happen?
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