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Market 24/7

Would you like to offer your staff access to high-quality, healthy food at your workplace, no matter what time of day it is?

Do you not have the space to build a classic company restaurant?

Market 24/7 is your perfect food service solution. 

This service is a self-service concept, modular and flexible. 

We focus on products that are fresh, healthy and of high quality. 

With Market 24/7, we offer an adapted, convenient and safe food service for all employees of your company, regardless of the time of day! 

The smart technology we have developed makes checkout a breeze.

Handy, right?

Tom & Della's

Our Tom & Della's meals are prepared fresh and by hand every day by real chefs, in our own kitchen, with superb products. After ordering online through a web shop, they are delivered to your home by refrigerated transport. This way, the taste and freshness are guaranteed, just as our chefs intended!

DARKK - Food on demand

DARKK, our newest Covid-19-proof solution, is our own 'dark kitchen', hence the name!

In our three DARKK kitchens, our Compass chefs prepare fresh sandwiches, salads, ready-made meals and boxes on a daily basis, which are delivered directly to your office. We provide both a B2B and a B2C selection.

Of course, with the necessary attention to quality, taste and food safety. Matters that our Compass customers are familiar with!

Our top solutions


Steamplicity is the perfect solution for customers that lack the space or volume to have a full-fledged in-house kitchen.


Click4Food is a modular, online portal and app developed to make it easier for you, your employees and consumers to use our services.


Money$afe is more than just a cash register. It's a system that manages payments, invoices and orders


Helfty is a hybrid meat consisting of half minced meat and half vegetarian ingredients. This means that half as much meat is used, but the texture, flavour and bite remain unchanged.

The end result is a Helfty burger that tastes just as good as a regular burger, and is healthy + sustainable.

Our new concepts will shake up food services as we know it

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