Efficient meal solutions

Discover Steamplicity's unique culinary technology 
and enjoy fresh and tasty meals at a lower cost!

Steamplicity is the perfect solution for customers that lack the space or volume to have a full-fledged in-house kitchen. Steamplicity is especially enjoyed by (smaller) schools and care institutions and is, in some places, even delivered to people's homes.

In essence, it is a unique culinary technology that allows fresh meals to be steamed in just a few minutes. Meals are prepared in our Compass production facility near Oostkamp and then shipped, either in bulk or in individual packaging, to our waiting customers.

A few minutes intense steaming is enough to put a fresh and tasty meal on your plate. Because of the quick preparation (made possible with our trademark steam vent) and the short time between preparation and consumption, all ingredients retain their authentic flavours and all their nutritional value.

Compass Group chef removing steamplicity meal from oven