Powered by People

You don’t become the largest food services company in the world by accident. It takes hard work from a capable team. And in an industry built on people, you want the best of the best. You want to be powered by people.

We’re proud to attract the industry’s top talent because we invest in our people, recognise great work when we see it and provide plenty of opportunities for career growth.

It makes the world of difference. Because when people are happy and satisfied it shines through. They go the extra mile, and you can taste it! 

We are a Top Employer

In 2022, we received the Top Employer Award for the fifth year running.

Just like the previous years, we were rewarded as a great employer who, aside from a passion for food, also showcases a passion for people. 

Especially well-received by jurors were our attention to labour conditions, talent strategy and workforce planning. 

Read more about our take on Top Employer

Train for perfection

It doesn’t matter if you’ve worked for many years or are just starting your career, at Compass you get to choose the development that’s right for you from our specialist courses and programmes.

We've defined a programme of well over 50 internal trainings and workshops, from management techniques to culinary masterclasses.

Whatever your role and wherever your ambition lies, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor your training to meet your needs, and we’ll give you all the support we can to discover where your talents will take you.

Join the family

We’ve got a career for every taste. Management jobs. Check! Chef jobs. Check! Part time and casual jobs. Yep, we’ve got those too! If you want to shape a career that makes your heart beat just that little bit faster... then there’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the Compass family. If you have a taste for big opportunities, that is.
You could join our ranks on the frontline, in operations, in our office-based central function teams, or at any of our hundreds of events. Take a look at what we’ve got to offer.

Make people smile


We know how daunting starting a new job can be, from meeting new people, learning key Health and Safety procedures and understanding how the business operates day to day, not to mention trying get a handle on the terminologies that every business seems to have!

So we've designed a set of induction plans for every role within our business. Every On-boarding and Induction process not only delivers all of the necessary compliance training required to operate a safe, secure and legal business but also gives in depth look into the new role, its purpose and goals and insight into the day to day operational procedures to ensure everyone has the knowledge, skills and behaviours to excel in their role long term.

Plus... you'll get to meet a lot of great people!

SpeakUp, we're listening!

SpeakUp, We're Listening is Compass Group's confidential reporting programme that is open to everyone, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and managed by Group Ethics and Integrity (E&I), a dedicated team of caring and trustworthy professionals who are independent of other business units.

At Compass Group, our people and culture make the difference in what we do and how we serve millions of consumers around the world.
We value and nurture a culture of integrity based on the principles of openness, trust and accountability and maintain our high ethical standards in accordance with our values, Code of Business and Ethics and Speak and Listen Up policies, as well as all applicable laws.

We encourage everyone who has an interest in Compass to speak up if there is anything wrong or if they have any concerns about possible misconduct or other inappropriate circumstances or behaviour, including behaviour that is not in line with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. This includes concerns about health, safety and the environment, harassment, human rights, bribery and corruption, anti-competitive behaviour, theft and fraud, financial or other reporting irregularities and issues of business integrity in general. 

For more info, read our SpeakUp policy.


And would you like to work for a company that spoils great people with the best conditions and the most valuable on-the-job training?
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