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Bite-sized planet improvement

As the world’s largest food services provider, we have the scale, the knowledge and the opportunity to shape the world and have a positive impact on people and planet
Nurturing our environment, delivering the highest levels of safety, taking an active role in creating healthier food for healthier lives and ensuring we manage essential resources carefully, source sustainably and ruthlessly reduce waste.

Planet Compass is our Belgian Social Purpose strategy and is built around three priorities: people, safety and sustainability. Each of these priorities has action platforms that are areas where we can make an enhanced impact and deliver the most benefits.

Just some of the things we do

You can find out more about our Sustainability, People and Safety approach from the links above, but here are some of the practical, day-to-day things we do to get ahead and make our business deliciously sustainable.

Green Deal

Green Deal is a label granted to canteens and kitchens in Wallonia, which have a sustainable approach. Green Deal revolves around much the same pillars as its Brussels counterpart, Good Food. The six main areas of attention are: local and seasonal products, environmentally-friendly and animal-friendly products; fair trade products; healthy, balanced and tasty meals; reducing food waste and social inclusion.

article stop food waste day 2019

Stop Food Waste Day

Stop Food Waste Day is an initiative of Compass Group, which goes  beyond  simply reducing waste and raising awareness among our employees. We strive to educate our customers, consumers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Our goal is  to raise awareness about the problem and to create and share creative and impactful solutions. Educated  individuals  can have a huge influence on how we grow, produce, buy, store and consume our food.

students in canteen with good food label superimposed

Good Food

Created by Bruxelles Environnement, the Good Food label supports and guides canteens and restaurants committed to sustainable food. Its aim is to enhance the efforts of horeca professionals and encourage consumers to support them. At Compass Group, we have already received the Good Food label several times.

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World Meat Free Week

Many dietitians agree that meat consumption needs to be reduced.

Compass Group is a partner of World Meat-Free Week, an initiative to convince people of the benefits of eating less animal protein. This results in a healthier and more balanced  diet, lessens the impact on our planet and offers a fairer approach to our global food systems. 

Waste Warrior Brands

Compass Group Belgium is a Waste Warrior Brand (WAW Brand) and is part of the Belgian coalition of brands that are working together in the fight against food waste. By signing the declaration "For a planet without food waste" together with fifteen other brands, Compass Group Belgium commits to making a difference together with Too Good To Go.



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