Better for People and Planet

This year, we have refreshed our sustainability strategy. We considered macroeconomic trends, insights from employees, clients, consumers and industry experts to help us better understand the forces that are impacting the global food system, our industry and our operations. We have chosen to focus on the three priority areas where we can make a greater positive impact to both our business and wider society: health and wellbeing, the environment and our supply chain and the wider community.

  • Health & Wellbeing with nutrition, health and happiness at the heart of our value proposition.
  • Environmental Game Changers with targeted actions where we can make an enhanced impact.
  • Better for the World is about leveraging our scale and purchasing power to create a positive impact in the wider world.

We support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which were agreed by world leaders in September 2015.

Health & Wellbeing

Nutrition, health and happiness
are at the heart of our value proposition

Our Health & Wellbeing proposition focuses on

  • Better nutrition choices:
    With a clear vision and strategy for our menu cycles and recipes, we  make sure we offer varied, healthy and durable meals to all of our guests.
  • Mental Health:  
    Mental and physical health go hand in hand. We pay attention to the mental health of our guests and of our employees.
  • Healthy Lifestyle:
    A healthy lifestyle is about total wellbeing: making sure guests, employees and their families have the opportunity to eat, work, live in a healthy way.

Environmental Game-Changers

targeted actions where we can
make a disproportionate impact

Our attention for environmental game-changers focuses on:

  • Food Waste:
    We execute strategies to eliminate food waste in our operations and we promote reduction of food waste to our guests as well through smarter portioning, 'take only what you can eat'-campaigns, waste measurement, etc.
  • Single-Use Plastics:  
    Single-use plastics are poison to our planet and its inhabitants. We actively look for alternatives to SUP's and other less-durable products and materials, and offer them pro-actively to all our clients.
  • Plant-Forward Meals:
    We continually look for plant-based alternatives to decrease the proportion of animal products in our food offer.

Better for the World

Driving positive impact
far beyond our business

You can have big impact by making small changes, one at a time. At Compass Group we try to make everything we do just a little bit better, every single day.
We especially focus on:

  • Sourcing Responsibly:
    Every company that wants to do business with Compass Group is held to sign our Supplier Code of Conduct, which lists their responsibilities towards people, the environment and our planet as a whole.
    Non-signature or non-compliance means we stop doing business, period! 
  • Enriching Local Communities:  
    We try to engage local communities as much as we can. Not just by selecting local producers and suppliers, but also by working with charities, sheltered workplaces and by investing in a workforce that is diverse in every way imaginable.
  • Collaborating for Big Change
    So we're not going to single-handedly change the whole world overnight. But it is our goal to work with our colleagues all over the globe and with others (NGO's, competitors, ...) to make sure we lower the impact of the food industry on our society and environment.


Not convinced that a giant such as Compass Group cares about a better world?
Challenge us and we’ll be happy to change your mind!

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