Turning safety into a way of life

At Compass Group, we promote safety above all else. On site, in our restaurants, new risks are immediately identified and taken into account as soon as possible. We comply with laws and regulations, maintain programmes on health and safety, food safety and environmental protection, and safeguard our HSE (health, safety and environment) culture.
For everyone in our company, regardless of function or position, safety comes first. 

Our safety culture focuses on:

  • Safety Leadership, where everyone plays a role in protecting others.
  • Sharing Learnings, where we share our approach and best-practices throughout our organisation.
  • Simplification, where we strive to make the rules and regulations as straightforward and logical as possible.

HSE - Health, Safety & Environment

Health Safety Environment (HSE) starts with ourselves and our systematic approach to business processes.
All Implemented HSE systems and processes are documented and constantly monitored. In this way, we improve our behaviour in every part of the organisation and work every day to continue to build our health and safety culture.

Our extensive audit program and development systems are fully integrated into our day-to-day work.
In this way, we guarantee optimal respect and stimulate positive behaviour.

ISO Certification

As far as ISO certification is concerned, our rules and procedures are communicated clearly and respected carefully. This means we guarantee not only that our service is correct, but also that it meets all legal obligations.

All of our facilities are fully certified with ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 22000 (food safety). At this time, we have about 40 sites which are ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management) certified.

See - Care - Share

It's how we do things, today and every day

The health and safety of our customers and our employees is of the utmost importance at all times. As a successful business we always put safety first – that’s the ethos of the Compass safety culture. And it is underpinned by key Safety Behaviours. These apply to everyone. 

And that is where we turn to our See Care Share programme and our key Safety Behaviours. Together they will drive improvements in our safety culture and make sure that everyone is aware of risks and acts upon them, always!

Safety Walks

Since early 2019, our Belgian management team has implemented a process of Safety Walks, whereby every manager visits a set number of locations to review the safety situation and talk with individual employees about safety.
Safety walks are not audits: they are one-to-one, informal conversations about safety and, most importantly, the personal thoughts, ideas and concerns of each and every employee working in a Compass unit.

As from 1st November 2019, Compass Group has adopted this approach internationally and has made it a central and vital part of our See-Care-Share Programme. The Safety Walks encourage role modelling by managers and supervisors and drives a change in safety culture throughout the whole organisation.


Not convinced that a giant such as Compass Group cares about a better world?
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