Give people a chance

People make our business. Without them, we wouldn't exist, wouldn't be able to perform.
In our line of work, we cater to everyone: rich and poor, young and old, healthy and those in need of care and comfort.

We know we can't change the whole world, but we can make a start and define how we treat our own: open, without bias or prejudice towards any gender, creed, race or conviction. 

We encourage people to adopt the same approach and state-of-mind by engaging them and stimulating awareness, by creating an environment where everyone is welcomed and treated the same way and by making sure people - ours and yours - stay healthy.

Two chefs at Compass Battle of the Chefs 2019

Engaging our people

Engagement and awareness go hand in hand. We promote diversity and social inclusion, not just in our hiring policies, but also in our day-to-day work. We make people aware of what we do as a company, and how they can support us as individuals to create a better people-planet.

Many of our colleagues actively support charities or get engaged as volunteers in their own communities. In thousands of big and small ways, they make a difference every day!

Diverse & Inclusive workforce

Businesses have a responsibility to wider society: to provide workers with opportunities to learn and grow, and to support the communities they operate within. To stay competitive, a business also needs to be able to attract and retain the best talent.

Compass Group employs people who have a disadvantage in the labour market. This allows them to gain experience and move on to a permanent job within Compass Group or elsewhere.
We set up various social engagement programmes and work together with social workshops, because engagement within Compass Group is highly important.

Chef team at Compass Battle of the Chefs 2019

Vitality & Health

Healthy employees are sharper, less stressed, more creative and more enthusiastic. That's why we make sure our people's vitality is OK and that they have fun doing what they do, with positive effects on colleagues, guests and clients.

Make people smile

If you want to shape a career that makes your heart beat just that little bit faster... then there’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the Compass family. If you have a taste for big opportunities, that is.

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