Payment, made easy

Money$afe is more than just a cash register.
It's a system that manages payments, invoices and orders

Money$afe is a cash register that can be connected to almost any company badge system. 
It offers a full range of payment, registration and billing options, making it easy to provide great check-out services to your guests.
Money$afe is wholly customisable to your needs and is perfectly compatible with other payment options.

Wide range of advantages

Money$afe offers a wide range of advantages: 

  • A user-friendly cash interface 
    cashiers with little or no computer skills will have no trouble operating the cash register
  • A badge for every restaurant visitor
    you can use Money$afe for your own employees as well as for other guests. Every user gets her own, personalised and anonymous Money$afe ID badge. 
  • Differentiated pricing and offers 
    do you have different pricing for various types of consumers? You can easily manage those prices without the cashiers having to introduce special codes at checkout.
    Even temporary promos are no trouble at all.
  • Different payment and billing methods 
    Money$afe supports a wide range of payment and billing options such as cash, bank cards, smartphones (with QR code or SmartPay), meal vouchers, badges and debit cards (with prior reloading or subsequent billing)  
  • Detailed statistics and reports 
    your Money$afe database contains a wealth of information and provides you with easy views on daily and monthly sales, perfect to tailor your offers to your needs. 
  • Flexible integration with other applications
    it's very easy to link Money$afe to your access control and attendance recording system as well as any type of vending machine using the MDB protocol. 
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