Kevin joined Compass in 2004 and again in 2013 and works in what is possibly the most amazing location Compass manages: Havenhuis in Antwerp.

"I am the Contract Manager at Havenhuis Antwerpen and I make sure everything runs smoothly.

Small meetings or seated arrangements for 400 guests... we handle every type of assignment. I am really into people management: making sure we all go in the same direction and that the customer is satisfied. 

I have had quite a lot of different work experiences, so I have a wide and versatile background.

I graduated from Hotel school, and went on to study Business Management. I joined Compass Group for the first time in 2004, as part of a competition to become Junior Chef. After that I worked in a number of restaurants in the private sector, finally to return to Compass in 2013.

I have been able to work my way up quite quickly. In my current job I can bring my passion for cooking in perfect balance with my private life. And I am delighted with the opportunities I have received and the progress I have made."

Pearl of the Port: Havenhuis Antwerpen

Kevin Van der Hofstadt Unit Manager Havenhuis Antwerp Compass Group Belgium