The Havenhuis, architectural masterpiece and focal point in the Port of Antwerp; a building that exudes boundless passion and attention to detail. A building that connects and inspires the people who work there. Like Kevin Vanderhofstat, our Compass Group Contract Manager responsible for the tasty menus at Havenhuis, his pride and passion.


Kevin guides his team past all the challenges they face: from the hundreds of visitors who enter from the quays every day, to the guests of prestigious, internal and external events. Kevin and his team select the best ingredients for everyone and create unique, culinary experiences every day.

Or as Kevin puts it: "Havenhuis and Compass Group share a beautiful relationship where we can find each other very well, especially through our mutual values. For example: we are both flexible, we think hard about sustainable solutions and listen carefully to the feedback of our customers.

Through fluent communication and attention to the smallest detail we ensure, every day, that every service, and every event is flawless."

And that's quite a challenge, because Havenhuis events are rarely standard. But thanks to an extensive network of suppliers and partners, and the years of experience of our own people, we can meet all the needs. And we're pretty proud of that. After all, we know how important good food is, both for the health of our guests, and for the experience of an event.

From harbour masters to Captains of Industry, Compass Group pampers them all culinarily.

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