In 2020, Tournée Minérale is back for its 4th edition. It is an initiative of the Cancer Foundation, which continues to grow in popularity. Approximately 1 Belgian out of 5 participates in it. The challenge is to spend the month of February without drinking alcohol. At Compass Group, our theme of the month "Virgin O'clock" is in the same spirit.

The benefits of one month without alcohol

Of course, the main objective of Tournée Minérale is to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse for oneself and relatives. The risks are serious: addiction, liver disease, cancer... The initiative invites us to think about the way we consume alcohol, to contribute to better health.

To motivate people to participate, Tournée Minérale has chosen a refreshing approach: to show all the benefits of a more moderate consumption of alcohol. A survey conducted by the initiative showed that 9 out of 10 participants felt at least one of the following positive effects :

  • Have more energy and better concentration
  • Enjoy quality sleep
  • Save money
  • Feeling healthier (better weight and less sugar)
  • Have a beautiful skin
  • No more hangovers

Tournée Minérale: hundreds of mocktails

The other playful approach of Tournée Minérale is to show that you can have fun without alcohol and vary the pleasures. You would be surprised to discover all the 'virgin' drinks that exist. You can also use the very practical tool provided by the site, and select your own favourite recipe, depending on the flavour (more peppery or more flowery) and the taste (more acidic or sweeter).

We even found a special recipe that combines our fruit AND vegetable of the month: a delicious orange and carrot smoothie: the recipe is child's play.

To participate in the initiative, you can register online. You can also make a donation to the Cancer Foundation.