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Mastership in Culinary Experiences

Who said that corporate events always have to follow the same pattern?

For well over 30 years now, Gourmet Invent has been doing things a bit differently. Product launches, seminars, brand launches, theme parties... they all get the singular and innovative approach they deserve.

Gourmet Invent is more than mere catering. It is a state of mind based on constant innovation, true personalisation and amazing experiences.
As a culinary creator and organiser of events, Gourmet Invent has created an image which stands for impeccable quality, novel settings, culinary creativity and authenticity.

By joining forces, Compass and Gourmet Invent have the tools and the know-how to take corporate catering to the next level!

Together, we flavour your imagination!


TEC 19 food shot © Styn Gourmet Invent

Mastership in Hospitality Catering

From the hallowed football grounds of this country to iconic sporting events such as Jumping Mechelen, Waregem Koerse or Cyclocross Hoogerheide.
From filmic bites at the Filmfestival Oostende to haute-C at WECANDANCE...

We know, as no other, how to spoil hundreds or thousands of guests gastronomically at a single event.

With that, we tap seamlessly into the international experience of Compass Group, which caters to such star-studded events as Wimbledon, the Oscars, the BAFTA's and the NFL Super Bowl.

Together with you, we create award-winning experiences at every event!

Live cooking at Waregem Koerse 2019 - Gourmet Invent

Mastership in Boardroom Catering

A working lunch in select company. A tasteful follow-up to your Board meeting. A perfect interlude during difficult business talks. A discrete tête-à-tête with a new partner or prospect...

Boardroom catering offers a delectable break in your busy schedule.
Our top chefs will spoil you with the perfect menu, tailor-made to fit your agenda and that of your guests.

We take care of your discrete top lunch!

Gourmet Invent - delicate and discrete boardroom catering

Video: Gourmet Invent catering for Busworld 2019

Gourmet Invent Busworld 2019

Header and Boardroom catering: photo and event by HowTo Eventstyling
Busworld: event by We Are Clouds