Compass Group Belgium is pleased to announce that we will manage the restaurant and catering facilities at Silt, as part of the landmark casino project. As a world leader in the catering industry, we are already committed to bringing quality to Silt's catering venues.

Our new restaurant concept will be called 'Taste Silt' and offers an elegant space in which we merge three culinary experiences.


We have signed a concession agreement for the next few years to ensure that Silt is provided with high-quality catering services. In addition, we will also provide catering for events in Silt. In doing so, we will provide not only corporate catering but also event catering solutions. We will now use this expertise to successfully operate the restaurants in Silt.

In this exciting project, we are supported by top chef Bartel Dewulf, a loyal culinary partner of Compass Group and a familiar face as chef of the Red Devils. Bartel has already designed a unique restaurant concept that fits perfectly with the new casino building, called "Silt Food & Drinks," which brings together three unique culinary experiences on the west side of Silt.

Silt Lounge

In the restaurant area, which has an unusual and playful décor, we will set up the Silt Lounge. Here you can enjoy aperitifs with carefully curated drinks, local beers, Belgian wines, cocktails, mocktails and delicious finger foods. During the summer months, we will expand Silt Lounge with a large sunny terrace.

Silt Lounge will be the ideal place to relax in beautiful surroundings with a refined drink and snack. The perfect location to unwind after a busy day or to dream away during a relaxing vacation on our Belgian North Sea coast.

So says Gunther Ploegaerts, Silt Project Business Manager at Compass Group Belgium.

Silt Casual Dining

Silt Casual Dining, a sophisticated brasserie concept, offers dishes made from local and sustainable products, presented with original interior design and playful table arrangements.

At Silt Casual Dining, you can dine à la carte without any worries. We use local products and create honest dishes, partly on the sharing principle, that are accessible to everyone.

- Thus Bartel Dewulf.

Silt Fine Dining

For the ultimate gastronomic experience, head on over to Silt Fine Dining. Here you will enjoy a top culinary and visual experience in an intimate setting, close to the open kitchen and with stunning views of the sea.

With our three food concepts, we have one goal in mind: to let everyone enjoy gastronomy. We use seasonal products and work with honest ingredients, such as fish from the North Sea, meat from the region and a wide selection of Belgian and international wines. With our locations, we contribute to promoting Middelkerke as a culinary destination.

Says Bart Matthijs, CEO of Compass Group Belgium.


Compass Group will also provide catering for events at the Silt Venue, for which a special kitchen and preparation area have been set up directly below the restaurant area.


With Compass Group's involvement, all partners for Silt are now known. From the beginning of this remarkable project, it was clear that a high-quality experience would be central.

Mayor Jean-Marie Dedecker emphasizes:

Silt is much more than just a casino, and visitors will certainly notice that. Our partners see the opportunity to realize a unique project in a fantastic building. They see their dream coming true. The potential of Silt is extremely attractive and visitors will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.