Food innovation in healthcare

Foodware revolutionises the distribution of meals for all your patients. You can customise each tray and save valuable time.

Foodware is the innovative management system that Compass Group has developed for healthcare centers and hospitals. Based on today's offer, Foodware provides a personalised meal for the resident or patient to whom it has been assigned and, moreover, takes into account its individual parameters, such as allergies, preferences, dislikes and prescriptions and dietary systems, which are all recorded in the system. 

Foodware can be extended with stock and budget management modules, or be plugged into your central data system. 

Compass Group takes care of the complete installation of the system and also provides tailored training to all employees who will work with Foodware.
The training teaches you how to 

  • enter standard parameters,
  • prepare a menu cycle,
  • encode new products with the necessary food derivatives,
  • encode and consult resident data,
  • consult statistics and departmental lists
  • print records.