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Medirest is the food and knowledge partner of over 65 hospitals, care centres and home delivery services in Belgium.
And throughout all of these services, we deliver tasty, healthy and sustainable food, prepared with passion and a very specialised know-how.

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The guest comes first

In Medirest's approach, the guest always comes first. That is of course true for all our segments, but it is much more vital in the care sector where a patient's or guest's self-esteem and self-reliance can be a major factor of her condition or recovery.
For many of our guests, good and healthy eating can literally be a matter of life or death. So it's our job and duty to provide them with healthy and nutritious meals that actually make them want to eat and put a smile on their faces when they eat.


First stop: home deliveries

Our philosophy for care catering focuses on self-reliance, so a logical first step is to offer food services for patients in home care. In most cases, we use our Steamplicity-solution: individually packaged meals with a unique preparation method that gives us optimal taste, quality and presentation.

Steamplicity doesn't only guarantee food quality, but it also offers freedom to the patient. He can decide when he wants to eat and, an added bonus, he needs to do something himself to get his food prepared. And he also chooses what he eats: Medirest offers fixed daily menus and a weekly alternative, should the patient not care for one of the dishes on offer.

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Knowledge partner for care centres

A second important part of the Medirest offer is catering for care centres, which requires a lot of specialised knowledge. Food here is a very important factor in keeping guests healthy. When they no longer have a taste for food, or the food simply doesn't look tasty or the guest has issues eating, they will eat less. On top of that, for many guests, meals are the highlight of their day. So we take care to take every opportunity to turn their meals into something special.

Meals should be an invitation to eat and they should have all the necessary ingredients the guests need.
Two major solutions we offer care centres are our 10-step approach to counter malnutrition and our Limimotion meal solution for people who have issues with chewing or swallowing.

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Tailor-made catering for hospitals

A third pillar of Medirest's offer is for hospitals where we see that the period people stay in hospitals is continually getting shorter. Aside from that the patient is more than ever involved in the care process and has the ability to make more choices, including a larger choice in meals and diets. 
Both of these ongoing developments will have a profound impact on how we cater to hospitals and their patients.

Great care solutions


From healthy vegetables to tasty meat or fish, all ingredients are presented in a mixed form via Limimotion, which makes these meals extremely suitable for people with swallowing problems. The big difference with other mixed foods is that ours is delicious and also looks appealing through an attractive presentation on the plate. The short preparation time using Steamplicity's steam technology guarantees the preservation of high nutritional value and all authentic flavours.


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If there's one thing care workers do not have in abundance, it's time. Our Foodware solution revolutionises the distribution of meals for all your patients. You can customise each tray and save valuable time for other tasks.


We offer more than 'just' meals to our care clients. We offer knowledge, continuous development and new nutritional insights to make food an integral part of the care process. Want to hear more?

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