Disclaimer : These recordings were made before the COVID-19 outbreak.

What distinguishes most of Medirest's sites, in comparison with the catering for the Eurest and Scolarest segments, is the ability to provide uninterrupted meals. Whether in a hospital or in a residence, it is necessary to cook 7 days a week, from Monday to Sunday, from morning to evening. This is why the organisation is completely different, from ordering to serving (in a common area or in the patient's room).

Furthermore, in a Medirest kitchen, the main challenge is to prepare a menu while meeting the specific nutritional needs of each patient and/or resident. We make every effort to offer the most accurate food, but also the right consistency. Indeed, sometimes mixed dishes, soups, or already cut up dishes have to be served....

As far as possible, we also try to find out the preferences and dislikes of the residents to make them want to eat every day with the same appetite. We find it important to establish a relationship with the residents and to know their opinions. Regular meetings are held to discuss this with the nursing staff and the management of the establishment. As with all our sites, a satisfied customer and consumer is our ultimate goal!

Discover in this video an insight into the daily life of our kitchen team, present at the OCMW in Oudenaarde.


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