Having become head manager at Barco (Eurest), Vicky graduated from the hotel school Spermalie in Bruges and now boasts more than ten years of experience in the kitchen. She tells us about her career path.

"I've been with Compass Group for six years. It's very motivating to work in the catering business of an establishment like Barco. Every day is a challenge. Stress can quickly get to us because production in the kitchen must go very fast, but I can count on a good team. I try to make sure that things run smoothly and that everyone gets along well.

It must be acknowledged that it is not easy to manage a team as a woman, especially since, in my case, I was first a colleague and then I got promoted to head manager. Some colleagues (especially the men) found it a bit difficult to listen to a woman. But over time it got better. I asserted myself, I didn't let it happen.

Just for the record, most visitors who come into our kitchen tend to spontaneously approach my colleague, Fred. But I also understand, he's a man and he's a little older, so he brings authority. It's a reflex with no bad intentions. However, Fred never hesitates to correct and clarify that I am the head chef of the kitchen. Which I appreciate."