Here we are, a few weeks apart to celebrate International Vegan Day.

Have you ever read the first article we published, which outlines all the benefits of a vegetarian diet? Sometimes the two types of diets are confused because they have the same principle: ban all animal protein and replace it with vegetable protein. But being vegan also means saying no to dairy products, eggs, honey and other by-products. 

Veganism: much more than a trend

Being vegan or vegan isn't just about eating tofu. Today there are plenty of alternatives and new products specially designed without animal proteins. Recipes are also overflowing with creativity to replace meat or eggs. Have you ever tasted a chickpea burger or 100% vegan carrot cake balls?

For several years now, companies and the catering sector have understood that this is more than just a trend and, in order to satisfy the needs of these consumers, have decided to adapt their menus. On the international celebrity side, more and more celebrities have been claiming to be vegan and have been able to convince their communities of the benefits of this diet. They thus advocate respect for animals, the planet and their own health. Did you know that vegan stars include: Natalie Portman, Joaquin Phoenix, James Cameron, Jared Leto, Mike Tyson, John Salley, Venus Williams, Lewis Hamilton and Al Gore.

Making life as a vegan easier for you

In our previous article, we also listed all the foods that vegans love to eat (of course without any substances of animal origin or by-products). For an extra boost, we have chosen to present 5 practical applications.

First of all, there are applications for scanning in-store items. This makes it possible to know their energy values but also their nutritional score. Yuka evaluates the quality of food (as well as cosmetics) and makes recommendations. In the same line, we also found Kwalito. These two applications also allow you to encode your food preferences in order to be better advised in your choices.  

Next, here are 2 leading applications to find 100% vegan guaranteed foods and recipes: Green Kitchen and GoNutss. Last but not least, the HappyCow application lists all the addresses (bar, restaurant, sandwich shop, grocery shop...) in the world, yes yes even in Belgium, that offer you food and dishes specially designed for vegans. 

You'll have understood, you no longer have any excuse not to try this diet!