At Compass Group, we place a great deal of importance on the personal development and growth of our employees. This is why we regularly organise training courses for our staff. In this blog article we present the professional training course 'Basic Culinary Techniques'.

A range of professional training courses

Compass Group's training courses cover a wide range of subjects: welcoming customers, improving time management, developing professional skills in the kitchen, learning about safety and hygiene, re(discovering) IT, working in a team, etc. Would you like to find out more? We have followed the professional training for kitchen clerks, which aims to master the basic culinary techniques and gain confidence in your work.

Basic cooking techniques: day 1

On Friday, February 7th, several kitchen clerks started the training 'Basic Culinary Techniques' with our partner, NXT-PRO in the professional Co-oking kitchen. The training lasts for 10 days and allows them to learn how to prepare dishes according to the rules of the art.

The first day is essential: Jerry, Zwerfkeuken's chef and coach, puts the participants at ease and discusses the theoretical part, with work rules, instructions, recipe terminology, utensils and kitchen appliances. His approach? Pretend that the participants are working in the kitchen for the first time. This allows Jerry to better identify the skills and attention points of each participant, and then orient the level of the course to the entire group.

Jerry also explains that each participant takes turns being a chef for a day to get used to working together, how to assign tasks and follow instructions. Before each course, the coach also checks that each participant complies with the health and safety rules. When cutting, for example, an anti-cutting glove must always be worn.


Discover a photo overview of the training:

What the participants think

All it takes is a short hour's work for participants to begin to find their bearings. The first dish is ready, a delicious smell is spreading through the kitchen. Between the frying pans and pots and, we asked the participants a few questions.

Kelly (Heilig Hart Residence in Putte) :

"It's a chance to learn how to follow a recipe, I'm good at cooking but I need to know the techniques like a pro. My chef signed me up for the training. In the kitchen where I work, the staff has to be versatile. I'm a dishwasher and sometimes I help cut vegetables or prepare trays for the carts. This training is ideal for me. »

Jacqueline (Total-Fina in Feluy):

"I love learning, it motivates me, it allows me to move forward. I also have a lot of admiration for my chefs. They trust me and support me, and I am proud to work with them. Thanks to this training, I will develop my skills and be able to help them even better. I've been with Compass Group since 1997, cooking is my passion and I want to go as far as I can! »

We are looking forward to discovering the progress of the participants but also to tasting the dishes at the end of the 'Basic Culinary Techniques' course!