Through this Covid crisis, we have seen many charitable initiatives. We have seen human solidarity at its best. The crisis has been going on since March 2020. One of the things we've seen in this complex period is the workers who are essential to our society and who drive the economy of the country. 

[Article written by Seppe Eloot, Sustainability Manager]

A healthy body for a healthy planet

Although the Covid crisis is everywhere, the climate crisis has not disappeared. During this confined summer, the population has opted for walking, cycling and running. More than ever, we have enjoyed the best nature has to offer. If we want to stay healthy ourselves, we will need a healthy planet. The corona crisis clearly shows once again that prevention is more important than cure. This applies both to a pandemic and to extreme weather conditions. 

Opening our eyes to the climate crisis

Today, we have witnessed an accelerated social evolution to face a very visible and acute enemy. The economy is reforming rapidly. If we manage to take climate change into account in this reform, we will be one step closer to preventing a much larger and creeping crisis.

It is now necessary to focus on the needs of the planet we live on to create the new economy, not on the place we consider so resilient, with unlimited resources.

The Planet Compass Program

In addition to the need to overcome this crisis, it will be necessary to anticipate the next crisis. It is encouraging to see that our customers continue to demand healthy, local and sustainable food. It is inspiring to see how our staff in a new world with strict hygiene measures are still looking for the most sustainable packaging and working methods.

We see among our colleagues and consumers that the transition to a green economy remains at the top of the wish list. At Compass Group, we have, for example, developed the Planet Compass Program, which enables us to bring our projects together along a sustainability guideline. Today more than ever, we continue to prepare healthy and sustainable food, we continue to ban plastics as much as possible and continue to look for new initiatives to reduce our food footprint. Let's try not to go back to "business as usual" after this crisis without having changed anything, but let's take the warning signal of our planet to heart. 

The pandemic has taught us that disasters do not stop at borders, that solidarity is very powerful, that we must not ignore scientific advice and that procrastination is fatal. All these lessons also apply to the climate crisis. Let's flatten that curve too.