When we were working on each theme for the year 2020 more than a year ago, we had chosen the December theme a little at random, hoping to be able to benefit from some time off, but we couldn't imagine that the theme would be as adequate and extend much further than December... For many of us, we have indeed been at home since March! What an turbulent and, above all, confined year... 

Seeing the positive in the negative

Spending time at home, with your family or with a small bubble of loved ones, will be 100% beneficial. Despite the current circumstances, let's try to let ourselves be won over by the magic of the holidays. Whether traditional or modern, the decorations warm up our interior and the lights make our hearts sparkle. To occupy your days and to immerse you in the festive atmosphere, we have put together 4 'do-it-yourself' ideas that appealed to us at first glance. What do you think about them? Child's play to make!

1. Table decorations

Decorative balls, to be placed in a centrepiece, in a potpourri or to hang up on the tree. Gather different citrus fruits (orange, clementine, lemon) and plant small cloves in a nice pattern on the citrus fruit and/or peel strips of the orange peel. The more symmetrical and different patterns you create for each ball, the more original the result will be.

2. Garland of dried orange slices

We can also make a garland of dried citrus slices. Simply cut orange and/or lemon slices and leave them in the oven for 1 hour (to 1h30). Don't forget to turn them over halfway through the cooking time. Use peach thread to tie the slices on. You can alternate the garland with cinnamon sticks, star anise, eucalyptus or fir branches. In addition to the pretty colours, you can enjoy the fragrance throughout the room. 

3. Christmas Wreath

We take the same ingredients and start again! This time on the traditional Christmas wreath. Pick up a base with the fir branches and plant (or glue on) several decorations such as slices of dried citrus fruit, pinecones, cinnamon sticks, star anise and eucalyptus branches. 

4. Gift wrapping

Last but not least, here is our little idea for an original and above all eco-responsible gift wrap. Use recycled paper, string, fir branches and a little candy cane. That's it! All that's left to do is put them under the tree.

Home for the holidays

If you still have free time, we have plenty of recipes in stock too. Comfort food is the perfect way to get you in the right mood. Cooking is still our favorite activity at Compass Group!