What we are about...

There are some basic principles we stick to.
The things that guide our business and decisions every day. Call them our guidelines, the main ingredients of our compass recipe.

They make us think about what sticks in our mind every day: safety, people, commitment, service... to what goes on in the world around us.

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Health, Safety and Environment

Safety comes first, always!

We do not make any concessions regarding the health and safety of our clients and employees and deal responsibly with the effects our operations have on the environment.
For everyone in our company, whatever their position, safety always comes first!

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Innovate and Serve


The guests and needs of our clients are always on our minds, also when we develop new products, concepts, brands or services. The first day of any new contract is always the day we start improving and innovating our services, using proven methods.

Service with a smile

We do everything we can to serve you the best dishes, where the safety and well-being of your employees are always paramount. In addition to safety and health, the quality of our service is also a high priority for us. All those tasty and nutritious dishes are served with a smile by our employees, who ensure that your guests have everything they need.

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Customer Satisfaction

With Respect, trust and integrity

Our relationship with our clients is always based on mutual respect, trust and integrity.
We both have an interest in cost-efficient services that deliver the highest levels of quality and satisfaction. That's why intense collaboration is so important.
All our customer accounts are managed by dedicated Operations and Business Managers. Between them, they work with you on optimising our service and making sure you and your guests receive the hospitality you deserve.

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Our people

Our most valuable ingredient

We can only deliver the best service possible by using our one, special ingredient: our people!

They are the driving force behind our organisation. It's their passion and workmanship that puts a smile on our guests' faces every day.

They make it possible for us to excel in what we do!  

Our Top Employer certification is testament to the value we attach to our Compass crews.

Meet some of our people

Compass chefs at Battle of the Chefs 2018

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