Franco joined Compass in 2006 and has been an integral part of the ISB family since 2012.

"Cooking has always been my passion. And in the beginning I was able to fulfil that dream in some big hotels. When the time came to spend more time with my family, it was an obvious step to make the switch to food services. When I started at Compass in 2006, I immediately knew that I had found my niche. In 2012, I got the opportunity to work as a chef at the International School of Brussels, and I did not hesitate for a moment. Recently, another opportunity came my way: cooking for the Council of Ministers.

What really appeals to me is the respect and trust that you get from everyone. Every week, I provide a perfectly balanced menu, which is good for health and the environment. I do my job well and listen a lot. Adults are very picky about food. My job is to coordinate the kitchen and self-catering, to plan events on site, to cheer up our customers with tasty dishes and to inspire my colleagues to excel and work with a smile and a passion for the job. I want to succeed in raising the quality of the food we serve. I also wish to show that the community is getting closer to the restaurant and want to work with quality products. I love to have my feet in the kitchen, which is the most beautiful profession in the world."

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Francesco "Franco" Golisano, head chef at International School of Brussels