Franco joined Compass in 2006 and has been an integral part of the ISB family since 2012.

"Cooking has always been my passion. I was first able to realise my dream of working in large hotels. When the time and the urge came to devote more time to my family life, switching to food services type cooking was a no-brainer. When I started at Compass Group in 2006 I immediately realised that I was going to like it. In 2012, I was offered the position of head chef at the International School of Brussels and I seized the opportunity. 

At the International School of Brussels, we are all part of a big family. Above all, I appreciate the respect and trust everyone shows. Every week, I compose a balanced menu, good for both health and environment. I do a conscientious job and I listen. For example, when a student offers me a special recipe, I do everything I can to incorporate it into the menu. The universal side, with all the nationalities present, also allows me to regularly get acquainted with new recipes from all over the world."

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