[Video] A day at International School of Brussels

International School of Brussels ISB main building © ISB

As the name suggests, the special feature of the International School of Brussels is diversity.
Students from all over the world walk in the halls of this beautiful school in the heart of our capital.

At Compass Group, we promote the same diversity in our kitchen. In addition to the main mission of providing a healthy, sustainable and balanced diet, we also strive to cook dishes from around the world and introduce flavours to the colours of the ISB.

For over 20 years, Compass Group has built a very effective relationship with the principals of the school. The ISB community inspires us on a daily basis. We talk and share our knowledge. Our long-term goals have paid off, always focused on improving the health and well-being of (small) guests.

We focus on the freshness and quality of the meals served, as well as on respect for the environment and presentation.

Good Food school

In particular, our actions have enabled us to obtain the Good Food label. We have reduced food and general waste, we opt for local suppliers and we draft menus according to the seasons. Also, to cater to everyone's dietary restrictions, we offer vegetarian or gluten-free alternatives. We are always listening to needs and desires, because finally, we want to please both pupils and parents alike!

students in canteen with good food label superimposed

New refectory

In 2019, we have built a brand new refectory for the ISB Middle School. Our leader, Franco Golisano, participated in the meetings during the development of the concept and was able to contribute to the decisions. In this way, the kitchen allows us to bring the best solutions for our team and for the service. The work was ready to welcome the students in September: the reactions were unanimous, the space is bigger and beautifully renovated! We are very proud of the result.

Francesco (Franco) Golisano, head chef ISB