Marion joined Compass in 2004 and is Operations Manager at Medirest, keeping an eye on the dietary requirements of guests in need of care.

"Healthcare and nutrition are two topics that I care deeply about. Since 2004 I combine both at Compass Group. I’ve moved through a number of roles along the way and am currently Operations Manager at Medirest. It’s the perfect role for me, because I can still learn and grow every day, and I can put my training as a dietitian to good use. 

A perfect example is our Ten-Step Plan to combat malnutrition with elderly people, which we’ve been working on since 2017. We’ve already implemented this approach in a number of care centres and we are very proud of the results so far: 70% of the guests who’ve followed the plan have returned to a stable weight and have regained their appetite, which is of course excellent news. 

For me, the Ten-Step Plan’s strength is that we work together and think together and that everyone – chef, nurse or patient animation team – can bring their know-how into play. I often have the opportunity to meet with patients and their families, and it’s always great to witness first-hand how happy they are with our approach. Just seeing their reactions makes up for all the hard work we put into the programme."

Marion Kühling