For Nathalie, the balance between private and professional life is extremely important. She combines her role as a mother and as head manager at Don Bosco College (Scolarest).

"Compass Group is my very first employer. I was inspired by Nadine, in the kitchen where I started, who was a chef-manager and who made me want to become one. I learned a lot from my colleagues, both male and female. As a woman, I always wanted to prove that I could become a chief-manager and that's what happened.

When I became a mother, I took my role as chef of the school canteen even more to heart because it was my way of helping women who work and come home late, making sure that their children had eaten well. Here, I feel like home, I try to educate the students to understand the benefits of food so that they will want to eat better.

In addition, the contract catering sector has also enabled me to find the ideal balance between my private and professional life. My family and free time are very important to me. I have seized the opportunities that I found interesting without compromising my private life. And who knows what the future will bring. I have plenty of time and still have plenty of ambition."