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In Belgium, Scolarest manages more than 220 restaurants in educational institutions.
Every day our chefs prepare fresh meals for students between the ages of 2.5 and 18 years old and students in higher education. They are prepared with great passion for quality, exceptional flexibility and a thorough understanding of the latest flavour and food trends.

All these characteristics make Scolarest a reliable partner for schools that want tasty, varied and healthy menus to continue to strengthen their reputation. 


Tasty food makes you happy.

When you eat a delicious, healthy meal, you feel good. You really enjoy it and are full of energy. That's why we always offer varied meals that taste really delicious and are prepared with ingredients that make the difference. Our chefs and nutrition experts closely monitor the specific characteristics of the school and its students. After all, everyone is different. That's why we work closely with you as a food partner, to create a unique culinary experience that is to everyone's liking.


Learning to live healthy

Healthy eating is an ongoing learning process: also for us. Our teams regularly follow training courses to keep abreast of the latest food trends and regulations. This is also to your benefit. To teach young people how important a healthy diet and lifestyle is, we launched the online nutritional platform EnergIQ, for primary and secondary schools. Here we teach teachers, pupils and parents the importance of healthy and sustainable food in a fun way, which provides enough energy to get through the school day. For example, through blog posts, games, recipes, workshops and many tips. Teachers can download lesson packages and presentations for free to use in the classroom.

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in a safe, sustainable world

As a company we bear a heavy responsibility. Out of respect for young people, our customers and the environment, we opt for a sustainable policy that benefits everyone. An ethical, responsible and sustainable policy starts with us. We are well aware that we have the moral and legal duty to limit the economic, socio-economic and ecological impact of our activities. As a duty-conscious partner, we guarantee maximum transparency to schools. We openly communicate about our pricing structures and selection process. This is convenient for you to keep your budgets under control.

Our work

We are proud to nourish pupils and students in some of the finest schools and universities in Belgium. View our cases.


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