Organised by IDF and WHO, World Diabetes Day is celebrated on 14 November, the birthday of Frederick Banting, who discovered insulin with Charles Best in 1922. In this article, we would like to raise awareness of the problems related to this disease and explain the approach chosen by the Medirest segment to improve the lives of patients and residents

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day draws attention to issues of the highest importance to the diabetes community and brings the disease to the forefront. The campaign organised each year on 14 November has the following objectives:

  • To support the IDF awareness campaign throughout the year
  • Promote the importance of the actions put in place to combat diabetes

How can we help people with diabetes?

As nutrition specialists in healthcare, our Medirest teams deal with people suffering from diabetes on a daily basis. We can even differentiate two groups: diabetics who must follow a strict diet for medical reasons and residents (very often elderly people) where attention is generally required but where certain deviations are allowed. 

Following a strict diet for diabetics

In this first case, we replace the sugar with sweetener. We also discuss and provide the necessary advice to the doctors and hospital management. Indeed, Medirest's dieticians can use their knowledge to ensure that we offer an adequate diet that meets all nutritional needs. We have researched and developed a menu that is perfectly suited for diabetics. Most of our dieticians are also 'diabetics educator'.

Improving the quality of life of residents

As far as the elderly are concerned, we focus on the quality of life. We make sure to provide them with an adequate diet, of course we reduce the amount of sugar, but we make sure that the patient or resident has the feeling that he can eat what he wants, without depriving himself. For example, we serve pudding without added sugar, we serve bananas from time to time, sometimes even cookies and pastries that are prepared especially for the diabetic diet (where sugar is replaced by sweetener), but the appearance is the same!

Catering in the healthcare

We assume that if the dish is appetizing, the patient or resident will have a better appetite and will want to eat more. This approach is also part of Medirest's strategy to combat undernourishment. Whether it is for people who suffer from diabetes or any other disease, our ultimate goal is always to provide a better quality of life so that the meal is their best time of the day!