(photo: whole wheat penne and roasted roots vegetables with curry and coconut milk - from our Scolarest vegetarian offer)


Brussels, 26 April 2021 – Today Compass Group formally commits to the Green Deal Protein Shift of the Flemish Government. The Green Deal calls for a faster reduction in the consumption of animal proteins to the benefit of plant-based ones.

More than 60 partners today confirm their commitment to the Green Deal Protein Shift of the Flemish Government.  With this Green Deal, the Flemish Government strives for a better ratio between animal and plant-based proteins in the diet of Flemish households. To achieve this, they bring together actors from across the food system to work towards a healthy and environmentally responsible protein transition.

Seppe Eloot, Sustainability Manager at Compass Group Belgium: "Flemings enjoy their food. Our diet is not only of high quality, but also very diverse. But it is also characterised by a high proportion of animal products and is often too low in consumption of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. So we eat well and diverse, but the impact on our health and our environment is still too high.
With this Green Deal, Flanders wants to gain more support and introduce more people to the possibilities of plant-based protein sources. After all, they are not only tasty and good for us, but also good for the planet.
For Compass Group Belgium, the signing of this Green Deal is rather a perpetuation of previous commitments that we entered into. After all, Plant-forward  is already very closely intertwined with our Planet Compass CSR strategy. In our operations, we already pay a lot of attention to plant-based nutrition, both on a daily basis and with special events such as World Meat-Free Week, World Vegetarian Day and of course our fruit and vegetables of the month which we always promote internally and externally with tips, tricks and recipes."

The Green Deal Protein Shift is one of the 13 Green Deals that the Flemish Government is setting up to support the green economy, aimed at finding synergies between economy and ecology in order to achieve the set economic and environmental objectives.



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