Brussels, 28th April 2021 - Compass Group, a global leader in food service, today marks the fifth Stop Food Waste Day, an international day of action in the fight against food waste, collaborating with partners, suppliers and clients throughout the world.

Launched by Compass Group USA in 2017, Stop Food Waste Day is an annual event to raise awareness of the issue of food waste and encourage the industry, from farm to fork, to reduce the amount of food thrown away. Working across over 45 countries in partnership with suppliers, employees and customers, Stop Food Waste Day aims to deliver meaningful solutions to address this global problem.

Activities in Belgium include:

  • Month-long awareness blogs via
  • Week-long Stop Food Waste menus at participating Compass restaurants across Belgium
  • Special episode of The Food Compass podcast, focusing on food waste (
  • Social media campaign using the hashtag #stopfoodwasteday to drive interest locally and globally.

In addition, International Speaker events, including a virtual panel in the US in partnership with Food Tank, featuring speakers from Google, Microsoft, the USDA Food Loss and Waste Liaison, as well as several non-profit organisations and influencers, aim to create more awareness on this topic.

Dominic Blakemore, Chief Executive, Compass Group, said: “One third of all food produced globally is wasted every year, and as the world recovers from the pandemic, the issue of food waste has never been more important. As the global leader in food service, we have a clear role to play in driving permanent change across our industry. We know that the greatest impact is only possible by working alongside our brilliant suppliers, partners, clients and consumers across the 45 countries in which we operate. Despite this last year testing us all, our teams have remained focused on reducing food waste, but we know that much more is needed to make lasting, sustainable change. That’s why, today and every day, we continue to educate our teams and customers on how they can play their part in reducing food waste as we work to achieve a more sustainable future.”

Seppe Eloot, Sustainability Manager, Compass Group Belgium: “Together with our partners, suppliers and thanks to the hard work of our excellent kitchen staffs, we combat food waste 365 days a year. Stop Food Waste Day is an opportunity for us to highlight what we do and to create more awareness around the issue.”


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