He is never going to win any veg beauty contest, but he is extremely healthy: meet the celeriac. Chock-full of iron, fibres and vitamins K and C. And delicious into the bargain. Check our recipe below. 

Parmenter's Dish with Celeriac, Mushrooms and Père Joseph

Ingredients (for 4 people) 

  • 600 g  floury potatoes 

  • 600 g  celeriac 

  • 400 g  white mushrooms in slices 

  • 700 g  mixed minced meat 

  • 50 g  onion cubes 

  • 100 g  ground Père Joseph 

  • 70 g  unsalted butter 

  • 60 g  smooth flour 

  • 1 l  milk 

  • 50 g  breadcrumbs 

  • 1 cube chicken stock 

  • garlic grains 

  • white salt and pepper 

  • black mill pepper 

  • vanilla pod 



  • Preheat the oven to 180°C 

  • Fry the meat and onions in a saucepan. 

  • Add the garlic and season to your taste. 

  • Set aside to rest. 

  • Cook the potatoes together with the chopped celeriac.  

  • Cut the mushrooms and colour them lightly in olive oil, season with black ground pepper and salt.  Set aside. 

  • Mash the potatoes with 30 g butter, salt and pepper, vanilla marrow and 250 ml milk. 

  • Grate the Père Joseph. Make a cheese sauce with 40 g butter and the flour, dissolve the broth in the 750 ml milk, finally add the cheese. 


  • Take a baking dish or individual jars. 

  • Spread the minced meat on the bottom. 

  • Place the mushroom slices on top of the meat 

  • Cover in cheese sauce 

  • Cover with the celeriac puree 

  • Cover with layer of breadcrumbs 

  • Bake in the oven at 180°. Gratinate slightly if possible.