Compass Group Belgium takes over event caterer J&M Catering. The top caterer from Schelle is market leader in Belgium and executes annually some 3000 events with the brands J&M Catering and Silverspoon. 

Compass Group Belgium, part of the world's largest foodservice company Compass Group Plc (LSE:CPG), continues to build on the diversification of its foodservice activities.
With the takeover of J&M Catering, Compass Group adds a new pearl to the crown that already included Gourmet Invent and Amalthea. Earlier this month, the renowned catering company Maison van de Boer was also taken over in the Netherlands, and Fair Catering was launched in Belgium, specialised in fair catering.

Bart Matthijs, CEO of Compass Group Belgium: "J&M Catering is a very impressive acquisition for us, and we are very pleased that we were able to come to an agreement. The activities of J&M and Silverspoon are absolutely complementary to those of Gourmet Invent and Amalthea. With this acquisition, we will be even more decisive and will be able to look for more synergies, especially in the field of operations and support. At the same time, we will continue to insist on the individuality and unique approach of all our event caterers. That is their strength and we will not change that.

"Jan Jacobs, manager of J&M Catering, says: "With Compass Group, we have a strong partner who understands us, who propagates the same sustainable story and who gives us the necessary confidence to continue to develop autonomously. Our directors and the management team therefore remain fully on board. Very important for us: Compass Group is a sector partner that knows our business and customers and that strengthens us in order to be able to write our own ambitious story further. A perfect match.

With Gourmet Invent, Amalthea, J&M Catering and Silverspoon, Compass Group now has 4 top caterers in its portfolio that together cover the full range of event and hospitality catering. The company now also has 3 large event production kitchens in Belgium. The kitchens of Maison van den Boer in Veghel (NL) will also be used for Belgian activities.

In total, the 4 Belgian caterers will employ approximately 300 permanent staff. Together they expect to provide catering for 5000 events a year, good for an annual turnover of 50 million.




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