In view of the recent decisions of the Belgian National Security Council, Compass Group has decided to step up the measures we had already taken in the past few days.



At this time, our activities are heavily impacted by the current situation. It remains unclear for now whether the wider regulations concerning bars and restaurants also apply to the full and diverse activities of food service companies.

We are currently making decisions on an individual basis in close concertation with our customers. For the education sector we are investigating what offer we need to make available to the remaining staff and pupils.
For the care sector, based on the need for continuity, we are closely collaborating with our customers to provide a solid offer for care staff.

We will continue to align our approach to current events and decisions.

We are already seeing a move in many companies and institutions to allow people to telework and to keep only a minimum of workers in-house to carry out core duties. At those locations, we provide lunch by means of an alternative takeaway offer that will allow employees to buy their lunches and consume them elsewhere.

Compass Group Belgium's internal safety committee is monitoring developments as they happen, is in touch with the relevant organisations and authorities, and communicates on a continual basis with employees, customers and suppliers.