On Valentine's Day, we at Compass Group celebrate everyone who has a passion for food, just like us. They also call us food lovers and the motto that characterizes us: “There is no love more sincere than the love of food!" Are you also a food lover?

What is a food lover?

Do you think about what you’ll have for dinner during lunch? Do you always keep room for dessert? Are you always the first to discover the new food hot spots in town? Then there’s no doubt about it. You are a food lover, just like us! Our slogan is the ultimate proof of this. 

By definition, a food lover is passionate about cooking, food and drinks, far beyond the simple nutritional need to fill his stomach. A food lover is always looking for a new culinary experience. He or she takes the time to enjoy each bite and always chooses his or her ingredients in a store or menu in a restaurant as if it were the first time.

We are not necessarily talking about haute cuisine, but of pleasure in tastes. Even a simple beef carbonnade or the all-time classic, spaghetti Bolognese can do the trick. Yes, we can see your mouth watering from over here.

Looking for surprises

Some food lovers are rather "old school" and opt for culinary guides, such as the inevitable Michelin guide or the Gault Millau while other food lovers prefer to use digital media like the yelp platform, for example. Anyway, food lovers are always on the lookout for surprises and new things in the food service... Often, a food lover also follows a lot of foodie accounts on social media and has at least 4 food ordering and delivery apps.

How to please a food lover? Easy! Take him or her for brunch every weekend.