MARKET 24/7 is a self-service, modular and flexible concept focusing on good, healthy, high-quality food

Life is busy. Life is hectic. Life's a madhouse.

In between that madness, it pays to take a break and eat well. Because healthy and delicious meals and snacks have a very positive effect on how people feel and how they think. They help cut down stress and keep employees happy and productive.

MARKET 24/7 is our very own first-rate micro-market concept that offers healthy eating and snacking solutions throughout the day and night for companies & employees.

Late work hours and no time for shopping? Why not merely get your foods to take home? Or even stock up if there’s some homeworking coming up?

MARKET 24/7 provides a prime, flexible solution to today’s trends in working and eating.

Through our first microshop-concept, we have the ambition to meet new expectations for 21st century meals:

  • Available around the clock
  • Takes less time
  • Practical, without compromising on taste or health.
  • Sustainable
  • Individual
  • Right atmosphere
  • Connect with colleagues
  • Responsible
  • Reliable brands

Are we piquing your curiosity? Find out more about MARKET 24/7 here.