The consequences of the health crisis linked to Covid-19 are numerous, particularly in the catering sector. We are faced with strict and more complex rules. At Compass Group, we are ready to take up the challenge. In this article we present the main changes to meet post-covid standards. 

Our priority: the well-being and health of consumers

First and foremost, we ensure that the necessary changes are implemented so that all consumers feel safe. Of course, we have to respect social distancing and health rules (such as constant disinfection and wearing masks).

Hygiene checks are now even stricter and more frequent. At Compass Group we can always rely on the advice of our HSEQ team. For example, we have reviewed our service, payment and cleaning methods. We can no longer present the products in beautiful counters or in self-service buffets, but have to prepare each plate individually and offer the meal ready to eat.

Finding alternatives

Mass gatherings are no longer allowed and there are fewer places available at the table. We try to guide consumers through the various areas as best we can, using signposts and displays. In addition, we also focus on ready-to-eat meals and menu solutions. This has two advantages: the queues are shorter and the risk of contamination is reduced to a minimum. We therefore offer sandwiches in individual packaging, salads and soups in containers. All of this, of course, with recycled and/or recyclable materials, as already provided for in our Planet Compass programme.

Last but not least, our Click4Food application makes it easy to order and pay via a computer or mobile device. In just a few clicks, consumers choose their dishes and agree on the time of collection. An ideal solution to meet post-covid standards.