Looking for a healthy and tasty dose of iron, vitamins, and much more? Then spinach is the perfect option. As in our Spicy Spinach & Cod Soup

We all know spinach from Popeye, of course. The cartoon hero who could take on the whole world after a can of spinach. And there's a ground of truth in that. Because spinach contains so many things that are good for us that we can easily fill a separate blog article with it. For example, spinach contains a lot of iron, which is good for your blood and energy values. But vitamins A, C, K, B and E are also abundant, as are magnesium, calcium and fiber.

Tip: if you want to take full advantage of the iron and calcium in spinach, you should not eat it raw. After all, spinach also contains oxalates, a substance that hinders the absorption of iron and calcium.
Fortunately, you can process spinach in a lot of ways before you eat it. In a nice soup, for example:


Spicy Spinach & Cod Soup 

Ingredients for 2 persons

  • 300g cod cheeks
  • 200g fresh spinach
  • 50g parsley
  • 30g green curry
  • 75ml coconut milk
  • 15ml olive oil


  • Put the spinach and parsley in a large pot and pour in 1l of water, coconut milk, olive oil and curry paste
  • Bring to the boil briefly and mix this soup
  • Herbs with salt and pepper
  • Put it back on the fire.
  • Cut the cod into bite-sized pieces and let them simmer for about 3 minutes
  • Serve the soup in a bowl and finish with some leaves of parsley


If you buy fresh spinach (e.g. not in plastic packaging, because it is usually fumigated), then you better eat it immediately. If not, it loses a lot of his nutritional value very quickly. Processed spinach (frozen, canned, packed under fumigation, ...) keeps all good things neatly on board.

What is fumigation exactly, and is it dangerous?
Food fumigation (or MAP, Modified Atmosphere Packaging) takes care of a number of things: fresh products have a longer shelf life, they remain attractive in terms of appearance, taste and texture and they reduce or eliminate the need for preservatives.

By the way, the fumigation is done with natural substances such as carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2). The right mix depends on the product to be fumigated. Fumigation must always be indicated on the packaging. Usually you will see '(packed) under atmos' or a derivative thereof.