October 5th International Teacher’s Day. Teachers play a key role in educating the adults of tomorrow. They are a source of progress and inspiration: these cape-less heroes with their wonderful profession deserve a day in the spotlight.

Over the past few months, in times of crisis, we have seen how much support schools and teachers need. Now, in 2020, it is more important than ever to protect the right to education and adapt to the "new normal" that is a result of the corona crisis.

Learn to eat well

We can hardly talk about International Teacher’s Day without mentioning Scolarest. As food services experts, we work closely with school boards and teachers across the country, and it is our duty to raise awareness about healthy eating. In doing so, we explain to teachers, pupils and parents how they can enjoy healthy and sustainable meals. Our goal? Promote healthy eating and ensure that 'our' pupils have enough energy to focus on their school work for a whole day.

Hurray for EnergIQ

Our EnergIQ program is an online, educational nutrition platform that deals with a multitude of themes around food. We do this by means of blog articles, games, recipes, workshops and even full lesson packages that teachers can download and use for free via the platform. Topics include: sustainable products (local and seasonal), vitamins, healthy drinking, the food pyramid, forgotten vegetables, and much more.

One of the major themes of the past year was World Food Day, an international day under the auspices of the United Nations. The associated Energiq.net activities package helped pupils to learn to eat better, for example: by searching for the origin of certain ingredients or by making a delicious and healthy meal with fridge scraps.

Scolarest in action

Would you like to know more about Scolarest and how we work? Take a look at our case study on the International School of Brussels, where chef Franco Golisano does a great job, together with 'his' pupils.