At the Nieuwenbosch Humaniora in Ghent, Compass Group today co-signed - in the presence of Flemish Minister for Education Hilde Crevits - a Charter for healthy, balanced and durable school meals. 

Scolarest: healthy school meals

Bart Matthijs, Managing Director Compass Group Belgium: "For Compass, signing this new charter means a confirmation of our longtime efforts towards pupils, parents and schools. And that goes well beyond providing daily meals. For some time now, we've put a lot of effort into Energiq, our own online educational platform for schools. With free workshops, blogs, recipes and ready-made classroom lessons, we try to stimulate awareness amongst teachers, pupils and parents about the importance of good nutrition."

The new charter came about at the specific request of Compass Group and other food service providers. Schools are not always fully aware of the many details and criteria that caterers need to stick to when offering sound nutrition. By using real-life examples, caterers will be able to inform schools about limiting overconsumption, avoiding food waste, the use of seasonal produce and short supply chains.

Bart Matthijs: "This Wednesday, 24th April, was all about Stop Food Waste Day, an international day of action at Compass Group, that has gained worldwide resonance and that focusses on avoiding food waste. Our goal should be to make sure we can stop having Stop Food Waste Days in the future. And I'm convinced we can achieve that hand in hand with schools and pupils. After all, you're never too young to learn."

In Belgium, Compass Group manages about 220 restaurants in educational institutions under the Scolarest brand. Every day, thousands of children and youngsters between the ages of 2.5 and 18 enjoy tasty, balanced and healthy meals.

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