Food unites us and... our chefs inspire us! It's time for the biggest culinary celebration of the year: From 12 to 18 September, it's Chef Appreciation Week!

Compass relies on all of our incredible chefs, who are the foundation of our business and our community. During Chef Appreciation Week, we will take the time to show appreciation for our chefs!

A little history...

In 2013, Donald and Lisa Crutch of the National Pink Tie Organization “Chefs Against Cancer” division, co-founded Chef Appreciation Week to honour and recognize all those serving in the culinary industry for their dedication, love of food and willingness to serve their community.  

In 2018, Compass Group USA business partnered with the Crutch family to celebrate Chef Appreciation Week in its cafés and restaurants nationally. When Donald Crutch passed away unexpectedly in 2019, we pledged to carry on his legacy with a commitment to launch a worldwide Chef Appreciation Week campaign, which is now celebrated across 30+ nations globally. 

Join us by taking the time to say #thankyou to chefs and culinary teams globally for their hard work and dedication.

How will we celebrate?

Compass Group put together the video below, in which our chefs globally took on the 'pass the bread' challenge!

Keep an eye also on our website and social media, because during Chef Appreciation Week various actions will appear on there!

Stay tuned.