From July you can find our Tom & Della's salads also at Lunch Garden. No less than seventy-five of their establishments across the country will offer three varieties of salads daily to eat on the spot or to take away.

Compass Group has therefore teamed up with Lunch Garden under the name 'Tom & Della's Garden - especially made for Lunch Garden'.

The idea is to rotate regularly, so all varieties of Tom & Della's salads will appear on the menu from time to time. You will be able to enjoy fish and meat as well as vegan and veggie options.

Ann Biebuyck, CEO Lunch Garden: "The demand for salads continues to grow and we want to evolve with it by offering more variety. An increasing number of people choose for a healthy or veggie lifestyle and at Lunch Garden we strive for our meals to be a reflection of society. Hence this cooperation with a specialized partner who guarantees us the best quality and fresh salads with which we also aim to address a younger audience. "

Bart Matthijs, managing director Compass Group: "We are completely ready to scale up the preparations of our Tom & Della's salads, which are produced in Belgium and with mostly Belgian products, for Lunch Garden. We are ramping up production, but we are at the same time sticking to our credo: the preparation must remain non-industrial."

The first salads you'll be able to spot on the Lunch Garden menu include the Herbs & Goat Cheese Tabouleh, the Smoked Salmon & Dill Greek Pasta and the Spicy Chicken Quinoa.

Hungry for more info about Tom & Della's? Take a look at the brand new Tom & Della's facebook and instagram pages.