Offering the experience of a restaurant in a hospital room? It sounds like a somewhat unusual combination, but that is exactly what Medirest, our food and knowledge partner to more than 65 hospitals, care institutions and home delivery services, is currently aiming for.

A nice case example is AZ Jan Portaels, a hospital in Vilvoorde where patients can now compose their own menu thanks to an app.

" In addition to good care, we are focusing more and more on the experience here. People are increasingly used to valuable experiences and we are responding to this more and more. For example, people can now indicate whether they have any allergies, whether they prefer potatoes, rice or pasta, and there is quite a lot of choice on the menu. "It will not cost more and it will be more sustainable. We expect less food to end up in the rubbish bin. Now it is sometimes the case when something is served that people don't like," says spokeswoman Helena Polfliet according to VRT

In addition to the experience, Medirest also wants to raise the level of care through this service. The specific needs of each person in need of care are therefore taken into account in the menu offer. Thus, vegan or vegetarian, salt-free, lactose-free and diabetic meals are included in the extensive menu offer. The selection can be made from the evening of arrival at the hospital.

Orders are now placed via the Foodware app, which can be installed on smartphones or tablets. The hospital also provides additional tablets itself, and staff are called in to help patients make a choice when they are more technophobic.

A standard menu will continue to apply for those patients who are only in the hospital for a short time, or for people who do not want to use the service.

With this service, Medirest is already ensuring an optimal balance between an improved experience and health for every patient under its wings.