From the belief that vegetarian cooking can be fun, trendy yet also very tasty, we presented our star chefs with the following challenge: come up with new vegetarian recipes that you would enjoy yourself!

The results are impressive: thirty-one mouth-watering vegetarian meals, now compiled in a vegetarian cookbook for schools called 'Vedge', the brand-new veggie bible from Scolarest.

Scolarest - Vedge

Vegetarian cooking is not always easy in a school environment. Students often do not choose vegetarian as their first choice. In addition, the demands of school management and parents can sometimes be high: meals should be as sustainable, organic and local as possible, but at the same time remain cheaply priced as well.

Fortunately, our Scolarest chefs have delicious, healthy and nutritious vegetarian cooking included in their skill set. How about a crispy vegetable taco with feta cheese for example, or a refined vegetarian risotto with fresh cheese and spring onions? The days when vegetarian dishes consisted only of lasagne, veggie burgers or fried mozzarella are behind us.

In 'Vedge' you will find a wide variety of unique vegetarian culinary creations. Thirty-one top recipes with which we can undoubtedly convince school boards and pupils to embrace vegetarian meals more and more.

To provide additional inspiration, the book also includes some great quotes from well-known vegetarians. Ariane Grande, Albert Einstein and Brad Pitt, among others, explain why it is so beneficial not to put meat on your plate now and then. So bring on that potato burger.

Director of Scolarest Fred De Deken handed the first copy of 'Vedge' to the school board of ‘Technisch Instituut Heilige Familie’ in Bruges today.

Have fun cooking!